Expedited Quiet Title Service

The following is the criteria and details for this program:

  • You must be the owner of the property with fee simple interest.
  • You must have made improvements to the property or plan on making improvements to the property.
  • The clearing of title must serve to help you sell the property, improve the property, or obtain bank financing.
  • If it is a rental property in the City of Grand Rapids it must be registered with the City pursuant to their rental property certification program.
  • Regardless of the jurisdiction in which the property is located it must be up to date on property taxes and have no outstanding blight or nuisance issues.
  • If your property is accepted you will enter into a Land Banking Agreement with the KCLBA to govern and guide this process. A copy of this agreement is available upon request.

If this Service is something you are interested in, please fill out the form below.

Feel free to call David Allen at our offices if you have any questions or need clarification.

  • KCLBA Title Clearing Services Application

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