G-Sync: Land bank’s big deal

RapidGrowth Media article from Tommy Allen, Lifestyle Editor:

“I began this week with just two questions. Three hours of conversation and twenty-nine pages of notes later, I may have finally understood how the Kent County Land Bank Authority (KCLBA) operates, thanks to the careful, step-by-step explanation of their Executive Director David Allen…”

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The Walker Building

When the KCLBA acquired the tax-foreclosed Walker building, the organization discovered the tenant – a company that prints directly onto glass and plastic bottles – was facing bankruptcy. KCLBA also found that Haviland Chemical, which had often worked with the printing company, had been negotiating with a local bank to be able to take possession of the equipment. Recognizing there were jobs on the line, the KCLBA helped facilitate a smooth transition that allowed Haviland the time to finish the deal with the local bank.
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