About Us

Michigan land bank legislation gives the KCLBA unique tools to use in real estate and economic development projects. The KCLBA provides these tools to local units of government as well as nonprofit and for-profit developers to revitalize and stabilize communities throughout Kent County.

By purchasing and facilitating acquisition and rehabilitation of bank-owned and tax-foreclosed properties, the KCLBA helps:

Kent County’s local units of government:

  • stabilize neighborhoods,
  • eliminate blight,
  • increase property values,
  • create economic development opportunities, and
  • preserve neighborhood character.

Nonprofit developers:

  • revitalize properties by giving them…
  • access to tax- and bank-foreclosed properties in their development areas.

For-profit developers:

  • quickly clear title on properties,
  • obtain brownfield designation on contaminated properties,
  • fully inspect and make an educated decision on purchasing tax-foreclosed properties, and
  • provide access to purchase bank foreclosed properties.