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2016 Properties List:

The following is a list of all the Tax Foreclosed addresses pdf that the KCLBA has taken title to through our development agreements with various Local Units of government.

Please note that, for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to Non-Profit requests, new City requirements, and various occupancy issues, these properties will not all be listed for sale on the MLS at once but will come to the market over time, with the first few being listed 7/27/2016.

Please do not attempt to enter any of these properties, and we particularly ask that you respect the privacy of the occupied addresses.

If you have interest in any of these properties, please contact Randy Charboneau of Independence Realty for currently available property and prices:
*Click the FORECLOSURES tab  |  (616)-262-0001

Dear community member,

From its inception, the Kent County Land Bank Authority (KCLBA) has been a useful tool to foster economic development through one of the most effective economic drivers: real estate. Our goal was to create a self-sustaining funding stream that would allow us to continue our work regardless of monies available from local or federal governments. Following a generous grant and a low interest loan from the Grand Rapids Community Foundation (GRCF), we were able to establish this self-sustaining model.

While the KCLBA is uniquely positioned to purchase distressed, tax-foreclosed properties, we also accept property donations from banks and individuals. Once a property is obtained, we ensure it will be redeveloped so that it protects and restores the integrity of the neighborhood, reduces visual blight, improves curb appeal, increases property values and creates a positive economic impact throughout Kent County. These properties are either fixed up by the KCLBA through contractors or sold for a small fee to proven, vetted local companies that are then responsible for the property’s redevelopment.

In 2012, the KCLBA’s work generated an impressive $4.8 million in economic impact throughout Kent County. By working with local nonprofits as well as public and private organizations, the KCLBA has helped facilitate the stabilization and continued growth of numerous areas of our community.

In collaboration with these partners, we identify and develop innovative programs as a means of ensuring that our work benefits the entire Kent County region. It is this joint effort that enables us to build a strong, prosperous community. We look forward to continuing our work, expanding our programs, and developing key relationships that allow Kent County to flourish.

David Allen
Executive Director

Kenneth Parrish
Board Chair